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Repair & Restorations

Do you have an old piece of jewelry in need of special care? No problem.

Mike is one of the country’s foremost experts in the restoration of vintage and antique jewelry.  His unbeatable skills, continue to render our customers breathless. At Jenna’s Jewelers we take extra care and time in repairing your jewelry.

  • We color match your stones whether it’s a diamond or gemstone.
  • When sizing rings, we clean and polish each piece.
  • We can also clean and restring pearls and beads.

Of course, these are just few of the many services offered at Jenna’s.

Jewelry is meant to be worn for a lifetime. With a little care… You should not be hiding your jewelry in a drawer because it is broken, dirty, tarnished, needs to be re-strung or is missing parts. Bring your jewelry to us and we will give you estimates for any repair work, restoration or cleaning needed.

  • Re-size, clean and polish rings
  • Re-set, tighten or replace stones
  • Refurbish mountings, re-tip and replace prongs
  • Re-string and clean pearls and beads
  • Shorten or lengthen chains
  • Change clasps
  • Solder charms
  • Restore life to Estate & Vintage Jewelry

We also offer basic jewelry cleaning while you wait and suggest that you bring in your jewelry twice a year for a complimentary inspection to insure the condition of the piece.

We do not charge to inspect or clean your jewelry. The price for repairs is dependent on the service required.