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We’ll help you find the perfect engagement ring to suit you, your intended and your budget. Decades of expertise in creating masterful engagement rings!

Over the years hundreds of couples around the world have expressed their love with our rings. This is something each and every one of us here at Jenna’s Jewelers are passionate about.

Our master jeweler Mike, can meticulously craft each piece knowing that one day soon, it will be transformed into a symbol of someones love. Our designers, working from our studio in the heart of the Long Island, create unique and masterfully expressive pieces that can be found no where else.

It is as direct result of our dedication to creating the finest bridal jewelry possible that we can offer a promise few can match, hard work and expertise goes into every piece here at Jenna’s, ensuring that it will shine for a lifetime.

If you’re searching for a ring that will represent your love, we offer you our congratulations in finding your soulmate and invite you to explore our collection of one-of-a-kind bridal jewelry.