Selling Your Jewelry

Selling Gold, Diamonds and Coins  for cash should be easy and hassle free, however for first time sellers the process can be daunting. Our process is fast, simple and hassle-free.

Friendly & Professional staff
At Jenna’s, we recognize that the first step is to provide truly exceptional service. Unlike most buyers, our staff will take the time to test each item, answer ALL of your questions and provide a free estimate. Our staff is trained to evaluate Estate Jewelry, fine watches and diamonds. Avoid uneducated buyers, visit our team of expert buyers that will truly offer you the most cash for your gold, silver and jewelry.

Our experience in the Jewelry Trade means that we know how to properly evaluate your items and offer accurate and competitive cash for gold payouts. Unlike traditional buyers who evaluate only according to “melt” value, Our gold jewelry buyers have experience and resources that a traditional cash for gold store clerk may not. If you’re searching for the best place to sell gold, silver and diamonds – add us to your list!

Honest and transparent approach along with no hidden fees keeps you in control, we really are the best place to sell gold, diamonds and silver. Unlike our competitors we would never seduce you with unrealistic high prices over the phone!

We’re committed to fair and honest transactions while many of our competitors provide false promises for high payouts. If you knew how little they pay for small amounts of gold, you wouldn’t sell to them.

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Instant Payments
The average in-store cash for gold transaction is just 15 minutes.

Have You Heard What Others Are Saying
We have positive reviews around the web on trusted websites such as facebook and Google. Read through these comments and see why we are truly the best place to sell gold, diamonds and coins.

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