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Diamond Buying Guide

Always avoid places that use the words “Perfect or Blue White”. Diamond experts avoid these misleading and deceptive terms.

When buying a diamond, insist on the use of a Gemscope, this is the best way to see a diamonds clarity.

The larger the diamond, the more it will cost per carat, all other things being equal. Jenna’s Jewelers suggest you buy a good quality diamond that fits in your budget, as opposed to buying for size only. You can always upgrade the size if you feel the need to at a later date. Small differences in quality can mark large differences in price. For example: A one carat diamond can sell for under $ 1000 and over $ 10,000 – it depends on the quality.

At Jenna’s Jewelers when we say “VS” it’s not “BS”. We do not exaggerate the quality of a diamond to make it sound better than it is. To back this up, we offer a 7 day refund on your Diamond Engagement ring purchase.

When you buy your engagement ring at Jenna’s Jewelers, you get a diamond education.

In addition to our 7 day refund policy on your diamond engagement ring, we also offer a 3 month exchange policy on the mounting. One less item to worry about. At Jenna’s Jewelers we want her to be happy as much as you do.

  • At Jenna’s Jewelers we do not use high 
pressure sales tactics. Buying a diamond should
 be fun and exciting, not a chore or an unpleasant 
  • Jenna’s Jewelers will give you factual appraisal 
for your insurance company, not an inflated one to
make you think you got a better deal than you got.
  • Trade in privileges are extended to our 
engagement ring customers. You will always get 
its full value towards a purchase of a diamond of
 greater value.
  • We offer an interest free lay-a-way plan,
 tailored for your needs.
  • We accept all major credit cards, for all or part 
of your purchase.
  • Jenna’s Jewelers wants to care for your
 engagement ring properly, so we offer these
 services at no charge.

Shapes: The shape of a Diamond accounts for only a small fraction of a price of a diamond, so choose what you like, don’t let anybody talk you into or out of a shape.
The popularity of a particular shape may increase its price slightly, and that can change every few years or so.

The most common shapes are Round, Pear, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Emerald and Heart.

The Four C’s
The value of a diamond is based on four factors; color, clarity, cut and carat weight.
Let’s examine them all.

Color: The color of a diamond is most important since almost everybody can spot a yellow diamond at first glance.

There is no such grade as Blue white; beware of people who use this deceptive term.
Jenna’s Jewelers suggests J or better.
K to Z has too much color

Clarity: Clarity refers to the amount of natural inclusions (Tiny Flaws) that are inside of almost all diamonds. Flawless diamonds are extremely rare. At Jenna’s Jewelers, all diamonds are graded under Bausch & Lomb Gemolite Microscope to determine the true clarity of a diamond.


Cut (Proportion): Few jewelers give this much attention, but it’s extremely important. A properly cut diamond will return the most light, or sparkle as most consumers say. A diamond not cut to the proper proportions will lose its brilliance (sparkle).

Properly cut diamonds reflect Diamond cut too shallow leaks Diamond cut too deep 
light through top. light out of them. allows light to escape
through side of stone.

Carat: The carat weight is the size of the diamond. 100 points equals 1 carat.

We will tighten your diamond, if needed, at no charge for 5 years from the date of purchase.

Some modern engagement rings may require a custom made wedding band. We can do this for you at no extra charge. We can also assist you with your Bridal Party Gifts when the time comes.

Cleaning and Inspection of your engagement ring at no charge.
Issuance of an updated appraisal at your request (we suggest every 3 to 5 years) but check with your insurance company.

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